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Graphicmachine is a digitally-focused marketing firm. We provide strategy, design and programming services that work together to create memorable brands, rewarding user experiences, and loyal customers. We learn your business and help you build its future.

  • Matt Staub
    Matt Staub

    Matt emerged in 2013 from an over 10-year corporate career working in systems, marketing, and social strategy for brands like Sprint and H&R Block. Known as a challenger of the status quo, he caused plenty of trouble while meddling in aspects outside of his job description where he thought he could help. Matt also co-founded Streetcar Neighbors, the grassroots organization supporting Kansas City's forthcoming streetcar system, and sits on a variety of official boards, commissions, and neighborhood and advocacy organizations. He likes to watch (and play) soccer and has a favorite pizza place in most major American cities.

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones

    Brian began his career as an architect, but soon realized his excitement about design could not be confined to the drawing board. He founded Graphicmachine in 1999 to build solutions for clients that combine keen design focus with his boundless love of technology and future-thinking. He understands the business and aesthetic needs of other design professionals, including architects, interior designers, photographers and other agencies, and has developed creative solutions that deliver measurable results for both national brands and small businesses. He is a big fan of robots and dinosaurs.

  • Patience Jones
    Patience Jones

    Patience is a University of Michigan Law grad who practiced law in New York for 10 years before putting her analytical and intellectual property skills to work at Graphicmachine. She started and for several years ran a handmade soap company; her soap won several awards and it was sold online to customers across the country and in Japan. She has helped the U.S. Senate investigate international money laundering, performed improvisation in theaters around New York City, and been yelled at by Charlize Theron. She also speaks French.

  • Jerry Director of Attitude
  • Ted Security Advisor
From the Blog

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Social

July 14, 2014 // by Matt Staub

What could a tweet possibly be worth? The lifetime value of a customer, for starters.

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Is There There There?: A Podcast

Is There There There?: The Have It Your Way Edition

August 01, 2014 // by Matt Staub

The consumer’s dilemma: in a world with so many options, how can we ever choose? Is choice necessarily a virtue, or can companies better serve customers by making choices for them, effectively removing choice in an effort to make it easier to choose. Happier consumers may result when purchase choices are made for them, with their problems solved with less thought required.

In addition, we talk about the Warby Parker of mattresses. Try a $1000 mattress at home and send it back if you don’t like it? Really? A Turkish Deputy Prime Minister tells women it isn’t ladylike to laugh in public, and women respond with a hearty dose of laughing on social media. An architecture firm creates an uplifting website that has little to do with their business directly, and little promotional effort -- and its a great example of content marketing and taste-testing that is great for business. An Amazon Prime streaming show called “Bosch” is stuffed to the rafters with smoking, calling into question the role of product placement. Finally, using ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar vs taxis as the example, can disruptive entrants into established markets overcome the tremendous lobbying power and incumbent advantages of the behemoths they’re trying to unseat?

Your taxi is here. Let us help you with this choice: you should listen to Episode 17.

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