Strategy. Design. Social. Web. Production.

Strategy. Design. Social. Web. Production.

On their own, powerful and quickly accessible pieces deployable for the specific project at hand.

Together, a portfolio of integrated marketing solutions connected by strategy and experience, rooted in design.
Explore the Go Marketing Platform from the Graphicmachine studio.

How does it work?

Each of our Go solutions can be used on their own or combined, depending on your needs. And because our services can be standalone, we can seamlessly support other agencies or internal departments with complementary services.

For large, strategic engagements or one-off tactical projects,
Graphicmachine has the solution.


Let's Talk Big Ideas.

We bring innovative top-to-bottom thinking about your brand, business, and growth opportunities.

Go/Strategy is fresh thinking informed by years of research and experience. From big-picture brand strategy to specific tactical challenges, we have your back. What opportunities are waiting for you?

IN PRACTICE / Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning & Design: a completely refreshed strategic brand identity for a top-tier architecture school

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Design is a core part of everything we do. We create experiences, not layouts.


IN PRACTICE / Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance: a bold new visual identity for a bold new direction for the organization

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Find your voice—and go where your customers already are—with Go/Social.

Social Strategy.
Social media strategy is a modern business imperative, and your strategy should be as unique as your business. We help you build a plan and then help you find the tools to execute it - not the other way around.

Command Centers.
We've designed and executed social media command centers for marquee events like the Major League Baseball All-Star game, and we can help you scale social response for your business, event, or venue.

Listening and Analytics.
We'll identify and make sense of not just the data impacting your brand, but also the conversation about your market or industry.

Go/Social integrates with other tools in the Go platform to amplify the impact of, and engagement with, all of your digital assets.

In Practice / Social Media Command Center: rolling out the digital red carpet for visitors and residents of a city hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star Game

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The evolving, engaging web:
the digital hub for your business.

We bring your site to life by connecting it with your social and digital media properties.

Our sites are built to operate seamlessly on mobile devices, a must in today's world of connectivity.

With cutting-edge, thoughtful design and programming, our sites showcase your brand.

We design sites that can be maintained by you, so you don't have to pay someone to update copy and photos. Unless you want to.

In Practice / Webster House: an iconic dining and shopping experience introduced to a new audience with a dazzling new web presence

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(Almost) Everything is possible.

Cutting-edge technology that works for you and your customers, and stays out of your way. Problems solved with elegant technical design. Let's build something amazing.

Dynamic web apps / Mobile apps for Android and iOS / Custom software development / Software-as-service / Reporting tools / Custom communication platforms / Custom e-commerce

In Practice / LawFolio: a customized software-as-service product that looks good and works better

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Content is King. Long live the King.

A production studio equipped to create the content that breaks through in the modern digital landscape, balancing affordability, quick turnaround for real-time relevance, and quality. We'll help you concept it, write it, shoot it, produce it, and deploy it.

Videography / Video Production / Photography / Content Creation / Storyboarding / Custom Scores / Audio Production

In Practice / The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Video featuring custom graphics, original music, animation, and effects to reflect upon the museum's largest annual social and fundraising event

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From the Blog

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Social

July 14, 2014 // by Matt Staub

What could a tweet possibly be worth? The lifetime value of a customer, for starters.

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Is There There There?: A Podcast

Is There There There?: The Shareholder Values Edition

August 22, 2014 // by Matt Staub

In a marketplace where awareness is growing, and companies are people thanks to the Citizens United case, companies are wearing their values, political or otherwise, on their sleeves. Is it good for business? Some companies are using social good causes to differentiate themselves and create a whole new market niche, but when consumers flock to a brand because of its values, is the trap set for when that company can’t live up to the expectations it set in consumers' minds?

Plus: Researchers use artificial intelligence to draw stylistic links in artwork, attempting to identify the specific influences that inspired an artist. What can it teach us about the creative process? Apparently, it is easy to hack traffic lights. Who cares? A museum responds to being ribbed by The Onion, Facebook experiments with a way to remove the last bits of critical thinking from the user experience, French chocolatiers are crying foul (presumably in French) over a new government health effort, and a viral video takes a hilarious look at the phenomenon of Facebook’s parade of happy people posts.

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